5 Pro-Tips For Living Your Best WFH Life


Whitney Matthews

Photo by  Reika Kadlec

Photo by Reika Kadlec


Have you ever had one of those days (or two or three) where you don’t start working until noon? Somehow the morning got away from you and now you have no choice but to work until 7pm. Yeah, us too. We’ve all been there.

Working from home has built-in flexibility. But boy, is that dangerous. Through a lot of trial and error, here are 5 things we’ve found help us stay motivated (and productive) when working from home.

  1. Find your routine and stick to it.

When and where are you most productive? Do you need quiet mornings alone? Or maybe you can head to your favorite coffee shop, pop in some headphones and plug away. Or maybe you can’t focus until after you’ve exercised. Decide when you feel most unstoppable and begin to build your day around that. For me, that’s early mornings in a coffee shop, afternoons in a coworking space, and then finishing the day at my home office.

2. Don’t spend all day working in your pajamas.

This is arguably the most tempting part of working from home: getting to stay in your PJs all day. But we all know the correlation between what we wear and how we feel. Spending the day in PJs means you’ll feel like you should be doing “PJ things”: relaxing, lounging, sleeping, watching TV, AKA: not working. But getting yourself ready as if you were going into an office will get your mind into the right space to proactively conquer that work to do list. I don’t mean wear a pencil skirt and a blazer every day (you do you, girl). But if you try to work in the same clothes you rolled out of bed in, you’re setting yourself up for a sleepy, unfocused day.

3. Change your environment.

Take advantage of the freedom you have to work from anywhere. Don’t let your work day and your creativity become stale because you’re working in the same place every day – switch it up. Libraries, coffee shops, restaurants, or a friend’s living room are all easy places to help give your day a change of pace.

4. Find a community.

Many businesses are moving towards a more flexible schedule, which means there’s an increasing number of people who are working remote or from home. These are people to surround yourself with; people who are doing similar work and who understand what it’s like to be working from home. Call me out on my millennial, but coworking spaces are some of the best ways to find these people if you don’t know where to start. They’re great spaces to foster creativity, inspiration, productivity and community. If that sounds a little too daunting, or if you’re not into paying a monthly membership fee, find a friend or two who also work from home and form a little group of your own.

5. Separate work from home.

The blessing of working from home is also it’s curse. Some days you just won’t leave your house (and that’s okay!), but that means your work won’t either. If that’s the case, have a designated area in your home for work only. Create a space you’re excited about. One that is comfortable and makes you feel inspired. But let it only be used for work. When the end of the day rolls around, get up and walk away. Leave work there. Just as each room in your house has a specific purpose, so does the space you set aside for work. Get in the habit early of drawing those boundaries.