Wanted: Badass Part Time
Social MEDIA Manager

Title: Social Media Manager
Reports to: CEO

At Small Fox we do BIG work in a creative, collaborative and cohesive way. We believe in doing more with less and that social media shouldn't be packaged in a neat and tidy box. We avoid "corporate talk" and gimmicks and thrive off of new ideas and getting a bit spicy. Okay, a lot spicy 🔥🔥🔥. We work smarter and harder and have an above-average amount of fun while we're at it 💃. 

Job Description
We are looking for a badass Social Media Manager who can enhance our clients' brands and build strong online communities through their social media platforms. The Social Media Manager will be responsible for developing and administering social media content that is designed to engage users and create an interactive relationship between consumers and the company and keep the internal workings of the agency organized and thriving.

The Day-To-Day: 

  • Brand development

  • Identifying target customers

  • Identifying goals and KPIs

  • Creative strategy

  • Promotion strategy

  • Engagement strategy

  • Conversion strategy

  • Measuring and analyzing ROI

  • Facebook ad placement and management

  • Content gathering and creation

  • Asset management

  • Content scheduling

  • Community management

We're Gonna Get Along Great If...

  • You have an eye for design

  • You're accountable and trustworthy

  • The word "organized” gets you giddy

  • You're thoughtful and mindful

  • You're proactive

  • You're specific and direct in communication

  • You're creative

  • Collaboration gets you really excited

  • You actually read Instagram captions and get really jazzed when they're bomb

Job Requirements

  • 2+ Years Experience

  • Exceptional multi-tasking skills

  • Able to explain complex social media data in an understandable way

  • Strong problem solving skills

  • Knowledge of Facebook’s advertising platform is required

  • Mastery of Social Media Platforms and Tools including but not limited to: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Canva, Sprinklr, Later, Trello

  • Social Media Copywriting

Schedule + Location

9-5 sucks and we refuse to do things that suck. 15-20 hours a week is expected from you, with opportunity for more as needs grow. As long as all deadlines are met, work when it works for you. Exceptions may include specific call, meeting, and/or shoot times. 

We are based in Denver, CO but work with clients and collaborators in all time zones. We don't have an office and likely never will. We believe in finding the best person for the job, regardless of location.

Competitive hourly. 


Dis you? Please Submit a resume to smallfoxmedia@gmail.com